Salam Communications, Inc.
P. O. Box 780818
Orlando, FL 32878
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About Salam

Salam Communication established in 2008 to go hand by hand with the international and long distance communication. We offers top quality international calling cards and support our clients with overseas and long distance phone calls from and to the USA.

Our goal is to ensure that you can talk to your friends and family anywhere in the world, anytime with affordable  prepaid phone card  that offer excellent call clarity.

Start buying phone cards with us and save more on international calls .

If you have any questions about our service  , please contact us 1-800-757-8557 , 1-407-381-8477

Call Our Customer Service Line 1-800-757-85571-407-381-8477
FAX 1-407-264-8194 OR Email Us
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